PhD existence II: Czech & Slovak Psychological conference (not only) for postgraduates and about postgraduates

When: 30 - 31 January 2012

Where: Konvikt - Art Centre of Palacky University in Olomouc, Univerzitní 3.
Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the second annual conference of PhD Existence II. We were very pleasantly surprised with success of the first year, which also motivates and commits us.  I can guarantee that our team will do the best that you feel comfortable in Olomouc, and enjoyed the space for sharing of expertise and personal experience.  I find it much easier to invite you to the second year since I do not have to lure into the unknown. However, I would like to introduce some improvements we made to the year (not only) doctoral conference.  We moved the dates of the meeting into more traditional conference schedule, namely at the end of January. We also changed the environment and from the modern areas of the Regional Centre Olomouc we moved into an environment with a historical atmosphere in the renovated rooms of the art center of Palacky University "Konvikt".
We have included lectures of foreign guests, who are devoted to issues of doctoral students mentoring.  But the program and its quality mostly depend on your topics and presentations that you bring with you, which we greatly appreciate.

You can contribute with a presentation of your dissertation research, as well as any research or reflection on doctoral studies and the life of the PhD students. Again, we announce a competition of jokes or cartoons from the life of PhD students, which firmly expects a tsunami of your creativity. Through the European Social Fund and the Republic state budget this conference we will once again offer no registration fee, so go ahead and register early.
We look forward to welcome you in the heart of Hana!
With what you can contribute at the conference - summary:

a) Presentation of research (dissertation or other) in a form of lectures, workshops and poster

b) Jokes and comics from the life of PhD students

c) Take only a look and share your experiences - the conference is free of charge.

For the program and the conference organizing committee
Miroslav Charvat