Information about project VZKAS


VZKAS is an educational project at the Department of Psychology at the Palacky University, which offers long-term and short-term education to academic workers, PhD students and Masters students (4th and 5th year). Project started in winter semester 2009.


Long-term project is primarily focused on PhD students and improvement of PhD programme in general. This project consists of 4 main educational modules:


1) Methodological-Statistical Module (quantitative and qualitative part)
2) Professional English Module (academic writing, presenting, pronunciation)
3) Module of Presenting Skills, Publishing and Ethics-Law
4) Project Management Module (projects writing and leading)


Contact in English:  

Ales Neusar
e-mail: a.neusar(at)


Department of Psychology

Philosophical Faculty

Palacky University

Vodarni 6

771 80 Olomouc

Czech Republic